My relationship with Cole isn’t a simple one.

It’s complicated, frustrating and, at times, downright ugly.

You see, I fell for a man who couldn’t love me back.

Hard as I tried to avoid the dimpled prince of Seattle, life threw us together.

As much as I resisted temptation, he burrowed his way into my heart.

Sinful as our attraction was, our destinies were entwined. 

But don’t worry. Ours is a love story after all. I had no idea how our fairytale would play out, but one thing I knew for certain? 

Fate had a twisted sense of humor, and she did not play fair.


Nat King Cole. That’s what they called us.

Natalie was the sunshine in my gloomy existence, but she wasn’t mine. 

We were friends at best. At least, that’s what we told ourselves.

Hard as I tried to stay away from the vibrant city girl, life shoved us together.

She was out of reach, but lived under my skin and haunted my dreams.

Despite the unshakable attraction, we never crossed the line. 

You might say our relationship was a test of fidelity. And doing the right thing had never been more challenging. We may have toyed with destiny, but for damn sure…

We didn’t tempt fate. Fate tempted us.