Holy smokes! I can’t believe it’s almost 2016. I’d love to say I had a spectacular year, but that would be a lie. Aside from meeting Joanna Wylde in person and confirming first hand that she is absolutely one of the coolest people ever, 2015 was not my best year. I’m eager to put the […]

I’ve never liked Father’s Day. In fact, I’m usually sick to my stomach for most of the day. I hate reading the social media posts and looking at the pictures of happy kids and laughing dads. I didn’t have a father. The man who fathered me walked out on my very young mother, leaving her […]


    Sometimes, the brightest souls commit the darkest sins Marcus Lothario plays hard, in and out of bed. Takes what he wants with no regrets. Until she comes along. He considers himself the luckiest man alive. Not only is Camilla the most beautiful creature on earth, she’s remained pure, for him. Problem is, their bonding ignites a power that […]

Adventures with Pepper. What A Bitch!

So yesterday, I’m trying super hard to get into writer mode. I’m sucking bad. Like, really bad. Like reading the same Facebook posts over and over, bad. Sure, I could blame Facebook, or lack of sleep due to the amazing book that kept me up all night. Truth is, our puppy, Pepper, is the number […]

Too Many Sexy Men

I am so happy to kiss summer goodbye. The kids are off to school and I’m ready to jump back into bed with my boys. Having my offspring home for the past couple of months cut my writing time down to nothing. I missed the sexytime with my heroes. But guess what? I’m back! I […]

What now?

Well, Aflame’s blog tour is officially a wrap! What a fun month. Now, it’s time to get down to business. I have three new stories in the works. Aglow, book two of the Apotheosis series, How to Kill the Ex-Wife, and Truck Stop Tango. How To Kill Your Boss – An Erotic Love Story releases in […]

Aflame is officially on tour!  Please stop by and say hello! Tour Schedule May 5 Interview Darkest Cravings May 6 Interview and review Dark Side of Romance May 7 Spotlight (review) Crazy Four Books May 8 Spotlight (review) Diaries of 2 Thick Chicks Blog May 9 Interview Eclipse Reviews May […]

After the Stuffing

It is, it truly is the most wonderful time of the year! There’s something so romantic about the holidays. Dark nights with nothing but the Christmas lights on. The aroma of fresh baked goodies, soups, roasted meats and veggies. Yummy wines. Fire roaring in the fireplace. I’m having a soulgasm just thinking about it. I […]