I Love to read! My eReader and I are very dear friends. Here are some of the authors I blame for the inadequate amount of sleep I get.

JR Ward – Let me just start by saying that in my world, JR Ward can do no wrong. BDB….’nuff said. If you haven’t read them, you must. And the Fallen Angel series? Are you kidding me?

Sylvia Day – Yes. I’ll admit it. I’m going a little out of my mind wondering how Gideon and Eva will get out of the mess they’re in. The Crossfire Series hooked me from the very beginning. I’ve always been put off by obsessive relationships, but there’s something about this screwed up pair of rich kids that I just can’t get enough of.

Pam Godwin – Dear Lord, the things that come out of her brain. I love dark romance, the kind that makes you squirm, but also gives you a shameful crush on the creepy characters. You want to hate them, but you can’t quite do it. If I could pick any author to hang out with for a day, or even a week, she’d be the one.

Joanna Wylde – Um, hello…. Reapers? Dirty talking bikers, tough as nails women, sexy-time galore.  Doesn’t get more fun than that. Guilty pleasure, anyone?

Kylie Scott  – Just a bunch of hot, sexy fun! Rockstars. Need I say more?

Katy Evans – Sexual Tension, anyone? The feels. Oh my, the feels. Real just about killed me. The sweet, angsty, torture filled journey frustrated me so much, but I loved it, because when they finally, FINALLY did the deed, it was hot and beautiful, and I wanted more, more, more.

Rebecca Zanetti – Smart, kick-ass heroines. Edge of your seat action. Witty banter. Humor. Sexy as fuck, panty melting alpha-males. Start one of her books before bed, you’re pulling an all nighter. 

J.A. Redmerski – My daughter made me read The Ballad Of Aramei, and I was hooked. Devoured the rest of the series. But Lordy, Lordy, In The Company of Killers? Are you kidding me? Blown away. Edgy. Sexy. Dark. Each book is better than the last. Every character gets under your skin. Start one, it’s bye-bye real world until you get to the end, and even then, you’re left wanting more, more, more. 

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